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An authorization charge of $1 will be processed on your card for verification purposes. It should drop off after 2 - 5 business days.

Infuserve America will not contact your clinic to ask for any other size.

Remember that the expiration date is between 2 - 3 months, and although many products remain potent after their expiration dates, Infuserve America cannot guarantee effectiveness after expiration.

Order it now and leave it to us: Give us your exact "next appointment date" and we will ship your prescription 2 weeks prior to this date.

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Your prescription will be filled as it is written by your laser clinic.

The amount prescribed is determined ONLY by your laser clinic.

All orders will be processed at a self-pay price of $59.50 for 30gms or $95.50 for 60gms.

Price could vary depending on allergies or other factors.

If you have selected expedited shipping, it will be added to your total.

Transit times are in business days, not including weekends and holidays.

Transit times are in business days, not including weekends and holidays.

The above pricing includes USPS Shipping. USPS generally takes 3-5 business days, but can take up to 14 days to deliver.

We will ship your prescription 2 weeks prior to your next appointment. If you need your prescription sooner than this, please select from the following options, and add the amount shown to the price of your prescription.

***Please note: Delivery dates do NOT count the day that your item ships.

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** Please Note: Federal and State Electronic Filings with a non bank product disbursement will be charged directly to you (Balance Due/IRS Direct Deposit/IRS Paper Check) as stated in the Refunds Today License Agreement in paragraph 13.1. Any RAL or PERC fees will be deducted directly from your client's refund at no charge to you.